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Have you tried Evernote, Remember the Milk, Wunderlist and other notes/to-do apps for your phone but think there’s just too much going on getting in the way of the actual note-taking? Tags, due-dates, categories, projects, font-styling, notes on the notes, and what-not. Note-taking shouldn’t be work, it should be a simple unloading of your brain to save for later.

With MobisleNotes, we’re going back to basics. It’s the actual digital equivalent of your trusty old notepad. Just write down whatever is on your mind. Done with it? Just check it off. Simple as that. Notes and checklists.

Well, ok. There’s a liiitle bit more:

feature Checklist/plain text switching
Writing down ideas, or making a to-do list? Doesn’t matter. Just write, and switch whenever you feel like it.
feature Folders, reminders and passwords
What you need to stay organized and keep your notes safe.

feature Global search
Where did I put that cake recipe? Never fear, global search is here!

feature Note collaboration
Co-work on notes with your friends or better half. Make plans together, share a shopping list or write a novel together.

feature Backed up and synced across all your devices
iPhone, Android or PC, edit your notes wherever you want and your notes stay synced and backed up.

feature Share notes privately or publicly
Share notes with anyone using a simple URL, keeping them updated as you edit them.